-The Happyning House

An old cow barn with a soul, in Binowo, Poland. 

We have renovated it to become a creative space for local entrepreneurs , parties, art classes, workshops, creativity and a destination for conferences.

Please contact us for further collaboration, information and booking.


Team Holy Cow -The Happyning House


Our hearts started ticking for the barn in Binowo the first time we saw it in 1997. We envisioned a place where people could come together to experience joy and community but weren´t sure about what shape it should take at the time.

In 2016, we started cleaning it up and exploring it more. I ordered custom-made tables to begin a transformation of the barn. In my head, it has gone by the name 'The Happyning House' since start. And sometimes I've called it 'The Happyning House - and friends' ́to make it clear that there are many exciting collaborations needed for the barn to achieve its purpose.

Each thing has its time and today interest in this building and its possibilities have grown. The time has come to open this place for Vedic Art, yoga, dancing, conferences, leadership training, or whatever it wants to be. We will explore together. The purpose will be clarified as we get to know each other and the barn even better. We who are involved in agriculture and Binowo Park and our children have talents and passions that will be realized and developed here. Passion will determine the purpose of the barn. The soul of the barn will have a voice through this collaboration that I am very much looking forward to.

Welcome to join us and to be a part of our journey. This summer we will open the doors for you in the heart of Binowo❤️

Our purpose is to inspire and strengthen entrepreneurs who have business ideas with the intention to make people, the environment, and sustainable businesses happy.

The business idea is to create a marketplace where activities for customers will be added in collaboration with entrepreneurs. The plan is to make a long-term transformation of the barn with a clear intention to become a ‘Happyning House’ for all in a cost-efficient way.

The road will be created while we walk on it.  

Who is The Happyning House for?

The Happyning House is a symbol and marketplace for making people's dreams come true. Existing and future entrepreneurs will be able to explore their ideas so they have the possibility to flourish and grow. Entrepreneurs and customers that we will attract are the ones who want to create value-adding activities for the environment, people, and sustainable businesses.

In this barn, we will gather entrepreneurs and potential customers in areas such as: Local food and wine, art classes, dancing, yoga, meetings, wedding parties, music, conferences, leadership development, teambuilding, personal development, events, or other things that make people enjoy life even more.

•Local entrepreneurs •Local producers •Artists and yoga instructors •Business networks •Vedic art with art classes •Weddings, festivities•Companies who want to run conferences •Binowo Park for value-adding activities •Binowo village –creating a place in collaboration with the community.


July-August 2023

Calender of 2024

Activities will be added continously so please keep your eyes open!

Please contact us so we can add what you want to do here.

  • 13:th  Booked for a private event

  • 17:st Booked for a private event

  • 18:th Booked for a private event

  • 24:th Booked for a private event

  • 26:th  BAZAR -market day. Open for all




  • 26:th Booked for a private event


  • 14:th  Booked for a private event



*text Sofia Brax on +46706888666 a bit in advance just in case she is out playing golf, swimming or paddling:)

Price list 2024

DESCRIPTION Holy Cow -The Happyning House

We present a new event space on the map in Binowo 7,  close to Szczecin. The premises are located in the very native area.

The entire premises has an area of 200 + 200 m2 and includes:

  • downstairs: a beautiful openspace with sofa group (20 people) and dinner table, kitchen facilities and 2 toilets.

  • upstairs: benches and possibilities for concerts, dancing and conferences.

  • outdoor: table, sunchairs and small but cute grass area perfect for picnics.


Room capacity: max. 20 people sitting at tables (we can also arrange about 20 more places where the dance floor is). Party lighting, tableware, refrigerator, microwave, stove and an oven.

A unique place perfect for organizing:

  • exhibitions

  • workshops

  • birthday parties

  • communions/baptisms/weddings

  • training

  • corporate/integration event

  • hen/stag party

  •  other events/meetings

  • art classes

Catering available from Binowo Park Golf Club Restaurant (earlier request).

We also offer the opportunity to bring your own food and alcohol. We do not charge a corkage fee!


Companies (net price):

  • Weekends (Friday - Sun) and Holidays - PLN 200/1 hour

  • During the week (Mon-Thurs.) PLN 100 / 1 hour 

Private persons (gross price):

  • Weekends (Friday - Sun) and Holidays - PLN 150/1 hour

  • During the week (Mon-Thurs.) PLN 75 / 1 hour

Cleaning service(optional): 200 PLN

We cordially invite you to view the premises! 

Contact us:

How to find to Holy Cow - The Happyning House

Binowo 7, Poland

+46706888666  or +48506180703

sofia@sofiabrax.com  or r.ziemkiewicz@binowopark.pl

Open upon request

Musician- Waldemar Woźniakowski

Waldemar is responsible for agriculture at OdraLand but also a fantastic musician. When he plays guitar and sings, everyone gets goosebumps. We look forward to listening to him and his band many nights in The Happyning House. 

Artist -Anna Gontarek

Photographer, painter, teacher of the method of creativity development Vedic Art. 

Creates and runs painting, photography and development workshops. Carries out artistic and commercial projects combining both passions. Works with image as a tool for self-development and reaching full potential. In creative and development work, pays special attention to emotions. She is an educator of the eCPR method of emotional resuscitation. Believes that an open heart and love always lead the right way. Willingly shares experience to ignite the hearts of others and inspire them with the art of living. 


vedicartworld.com annagontarek.com 

FB/IG: @VedicArtWorld @studiowdomu


You have different alternatives if you want to stay here to paint, dance, enjoy the beautiful nature, play golf, go swimming or trekking
  • BinowoPark Garden rooms 
  • AirBnb 
  • Parking of your caravan at Binowo Park Golf Club
  • Your own tent in the backyard of The Happyning House
Please contact us for advice

The happy team behind The Happyning House:

Team OdraLandTeam Binowo ParkVedic Art world

Opening event

On the 11:th of June we opened up the doors to our lovely 'Holy Cow -The Happening House'

Photo cred: Tomasz Walczak +48508190220